Day 12 A Sega to Corte

Guide says: 4 h 15min, 12k, 100m ascent, 770m descent.

A great days walk down the Tavignano river gorge.

We started by crossing the new timber bridge and then the former refuge. The trail the followed the river, at first closely, then it lets it drop dramatically through a series of steep sided ravines while the path cuts across steep slopes and charred pines high above. It turns out to an old mule track and well engineered and still in remarkably good condition in places. Great views.

View back to the ridge we descended from yesterday

Finally it drops down to the river, abridge and swimming pools. A very popular spot for Sunday hikers up from Corte. We managed a discrete dip. The water hadn’t managed to warm up much on its way down the canyon.

The path continued down the gorge with dramatic views back and forwards with occasional views of Corte at the bottom.

We were walking quite slowly, I hadn’t realized quite how slowly until a group of three youngster strolled causally by us. After that I tried to be a bit less cautious, and it was easier. Still knees and hip were aching by the end of the day. One of my toes was getting red on top, so today I put some moleskin on it and wore socks for only the second time this trip. Seemed to do the trick.

On reaching the outskirts of town we called the gite, yes they had room for us.

It was out of town but not far. We went and then left again. First the did not offer Demi pension, and then we forgot to tell them Colin was vegetarian and went back down from the rather grotty room to tell them so the grumpy guy had disappeared, so we left.

We then walked into town, which was buzzing, and thanks to Google maps found a nice 2 star hotel.

Very nice dinner in town, thanks to TripAdvisor.

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