Day 15 Pianellu to d’Alesani

Guide says 4 hrs, 9k, 620m ascent, 743m descent. Took us 6 hours.

Set off just after 8 on a lovely sunny morning with clear views back to the mountains.

View from just above the village as we left

All the others (6) at the gite were going in the opposite direction.

The first half of the morning was spent going steadily upwards. At first through woods with the occasional stream crossing and higher up across more open hillsides.

Until we reached our high point for the day, col de Pianezulla.

Then it was round into the next valley, another col and a descent to Perelli where we stopped for lunch.

Found object on the trail
Hanging brambles were a hazard on the trail again today
Decaying tree with another growing up thru it
Pretty flower

We lunched on wall just outside a church. Four french people were also eating there. It turned out they were doing restoration work in the church. They had completed the roof and were now working their way back from the altar to the main door. Three months per alcove they told us.

Then it was down hill, thru more brambles at first, then oaks again, to the valley bottom, with an interesting old house. Then up the road to here.

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