May 9th. Ratigan hostel, close to Shiel Bridge.

7pm. Arrived here earlier this afternoon by bus from Ayr after almost a week of anticipation and preparation. The blue dot marks our spot.

It has been colder than average the past week so there was much consideration of whether or not to take extra clothes. The answer turned out to be yes. Tomorrow will tell if enough have been taken. I have ended up with a pack weight of 22lbs, with maximum food but no water. Not to bad. Mine on the right.

The bus trip was quite scenic, including masses of bluebells by Loch Lomond

And snow capped mountains in the distance

We don’t expect to get that high.

A few more nice views for your delicitation.

We and many others were dropped at Shiel Bridge, we then had a 3 k walk to our hostel, seen in the distance.

The hostel looks across the bay to the valley we will be going up tomorrow.

Actually I tell a lie, it is the next one to the right, but the sunlight made this a better picture.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is not great, remaining cool with showers.

That’s not the only bad news, apparently midges are out already!

Ah well.

2 thoughts on “May 9th. Ratigan hostel, close to Shiel Bridge.”

  1. We finished the West Highland Way yesterday in Fort William. Heading to Skye this morning. Had great weather and hope you and Colin do too on your great adventure. Will be following you. 22 1bs! I carried way more than that on my Camino, with NO food, or camping stuff. You need to teach minimalism. Mary


  2. You look well-equipped Michael! I hope the weather maintains a positive trend. How was it going without water? Did you have to stop at every stream and get a sip? Or did Colin bring your water? Scenery is beautiful, i’m taking it in. Have fun and enjoy!


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