May 10th. Camping close to Strawberry Cottage

A long day. Walking from 8.15 till 6.00pm. Fitbit says 44702 steps, 35.8 k , 2320 vertical feet and 5712 calories. I write this in my tent and sleeping bag while the rain pitter-paters against the tent. Well that is a bit of an understatement, but I cannot find the right word. It’s noisier than that.

It’s been raining on and off all day. The day started wet and stayed that way most of the morning. It cleared up twice in the afternoon, but now is back at it again. Fortunately it stopped for a while while we put up our tents and made supper.

Shortly after we started, having signed in and dipped our toes in the sea,

we met up with another couple of hikers. Colin had a long chat with one before he fell back, but the other sort of took us under his wing with lots of info. He has been this way before. The route went up a long valley, quite gentle at first

, but after 11ses

it kicked up quite significantly and continued in this fashion for quite a while. We passed a few nice waterfalls. For most of this section it stopped raining.

Then we were in the next valley and a long gradual descent.

We stopped at a youth hostel for tea and scones, and missed most of another bad shower.

With all the rain the previous ought and today, the track was pretty wet,

so by mid afternoon I had given up trying to keep my feet dry. As a result the got slightly prune like, but that was not observed until bed time.

Then on for another couple of hours to our target for the day. Whew.

Needless to say, no signal here.

Tomorrow should be easier, only 25k and mostly downhill. Maybe some navigation issues as we will be back below the tree line.

Now time to snuggle down and get some rest. Goodnight

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