May 16th. Aviemore to Corrour Bothie

Another sunny day, but cooler, with a easterly breeze.

Left the hotel at 7.30. A bit of road walking at first, but soon was on a forest path thru the pine trees.

Not many people about, a group of cyclists was about it.

After crossing a river

the path started to climb more seriously, but still in the woods. I passed a few sets of campers on this stretch, they were just getting up.

Eventually the path reached the tree line, and that’s when the effect of the cool Easterly wind was felt. On went another layer.

A long stretch,

after many false summits, brought me to the watershed.

Looking forward

Above, looking back

Before this I had been overtaken by a group of three challengers from Portland.

Also there was a gentleman going the other way.

The path was pretty mix. Started very smooth, but got worse the higher I got. There were a couple of boulder fields and a small snow crossing.

I stopped at the top for a while and found I still had cellphone service so fired off a couple of “all well” texts including pics of the view. This was about 12 I think.

Then it was on down. The path was much wetter on this side, but otherwise much the same. The burn going this side was just as full and noisy as on the north side.

Boulder fields for some reason are harder to go down thru than up.

A nice view up a side valley

Eventually my destination for the day showed up.

I took a short cut to the bridge to it and got my first wet feet of the day.

When I arrived one pair were just packing up to leave having had their fun on the peaks for the day. A couple of German med students were using the locale to make a cup of tea before continuing on. Now 4.45 I am alone.

I opted to put up my tent, despite the wind. Apart from a mischievous groundsheet all went well. It shakes a bit in the wind, but so long as the pegs hold I should be good.

I went in the bothy and made myself a cup of tea out of the wind in there, but I did need my headlight to see what I was doing.

The tent continues to act like a greenhouse so I am nice and cosy, but more clothes will be needed later when I venture out.

Knees were good today. A couple of aching episodes but not enough to make we resort to drugs. I did however more than occasionally have to tell myself to stand straighter and put my shoulders back.


All by my lonesome. This meant to be a very busy bothy, but not tonight. I used it to make supper out of the wind but am now in snug in my bag. The wind has dropped a bit so I should have a reasonably quiet night.

Fitbit stats: 33217 steps, 26.6k, 2660 vertical feet, 4468 calories.

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