May 17th Corrour bothy to Braemar

The wind dropped overnight and cloud cover moved in so the Tempe did not drop too badly and there was little dew. Nevertheless I was up early. During the night another couple had arrived and set up their tent some distance away. My only other visitor was this chap who posed for me.

I returned to the bothy and made a cup of tea and had breakfast. Then I broke camp and by 7.45 was on the trail. Here is an early look back to the bothy before a reached the crest and bend that took me into the next valley.

Above is a panoramic picture from the crest.

The trail was a mixture of good

and not so good

The hills were all very quiet, no animals, just the occasional bird song.

First interesting place , after about 2 hours, was a Ford. There was a bridge a ways up stream, but after a quick inspection I decided to just walk thru it.

It didn’t go over my knees and I got across no problem.

Shortly after this I met my first person of the day. A solitary lady on a day hike to bag a local hill, on the far side of the Ford. She thought she would be using the bridge.

After this the path became a track and the walking much easier.

Next stop was Derry Lodge, a popular camping spot it seemed. A large group of kids on a school outing, as well as other challengers camped breaking camp. The lodge has seen better days.

Next it was on to Mar lodge.

I arrived about 12 and left about 1, they were offering tea and cookies in the stables

Long chats with other challengers.

Next it was on for the final stretch of road walking into Braemar following the river. This looking back from along the way.

En route a herd of deer decided they had had enough of being by the river and came and crossed the road just ahead of me.

Then it was into Braemar, a late lunch in company of some familiar faces.

Then on to the hostel etc etc

Dinner out with a group of fellow hikers then bed. Late by recent standards, but tomorrow is a rest day.

Fitbit stats: 30,700 steps, 24k, 720 vertical feet ( it was nearly all down hill) and 4522 calories.

One thought on “May 17th Corrour bothy to Braemar”

  1. Michael,
    Looks like you’re doing great! Thank you for all the lovely photos! Hope that you’re not feeling too lonely… your readers, like me, are here keeping you company!
    Keep up the positive attitude & have fun!


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