May 21st. Tarfside to North Water Bridge

Not a good night, it rained continuously, but it kind stopped at 6.30. I packed up but left the tent up while I went and had breakfast.

Then it shake the tent as dry as possible, pack it, and hit the road. Not convinced the rain had really finished I started off in full rain gear. This got gradually shed as the day went on until I was in shirtsleeves.

In the lowlands now, back among the marigolds and bluebells

Most of the day was road walking. More than I planned . I had wanted to cross to the path on West Bank of the river after about 5 k, but found the bridge locked.

I briefly thought of fording the river, but it was in spate from the nights rains . So much for that plan. More road walking. A view back past Tarfside to the hills

Past some highland cattle

And massive ploughed field ready for? Potatoes? Trees?

Eventually I was able to leave the road for a very nice section beside a gorge. Hard to photograph, but the water was really rushing through.

This section should have been longer, but there had been a landslide so it was back to the road for a brief period til I got to the village of Edzell. This was about 2.30. A late fish and chip lunch in the company of many fellow hikers and then on for the last 7k to this campsite.

Arrived about 4. Shortly after getting the tent up the heavens darkened and a thunderstorm started. I has only stopped raining for brief periods since.

When the rain first struck we retired to the reception area for a chat. I got to hear Happy Birthday sang for me.

In a brief intermission in the rain I managed to boil some water to make my supper.

Now for another early night

Fitbit: 39855 steps, 31.9 k, 340 vertical feet, 5300 calories.

One thought on “May 21st. Tarfside to North Water Bridge”

  1. Hi Michael,
    it wouldn’t allow me to leave a comment earlier. I hear that you had a good time on your birthday! Happy belated birthday!Sorry about the soggy weather… is it at least fairly warm? Also, are you nearly done now?
    How are you handling the solo hiking?
    Thanks for all your wonderful posts it’s definitely given me a great sense of how beautiful Scotland is.
    Enjoy the rest of your hike!


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