TGOC 2020 day 0

Well the logistics of getting here all worked out fine. I flew to Glasgow and then spent a few nice days visiting my old friend Colin and his wife. Then today I made my way here to Shiel Bridge, our staring point. The whole team is all gathered, but not raring to go on account of the goddam awful weather. Continuous rain on the way here and the mountain streams all in full spate. “Unsettled “ weather forecast for the rest of the week, and it is only Monday, so no glimmer of hope there. Well, tomorrow will bring what tomorrow will bring.

Lots of run off

One incident on the way here nearly aborted the whole thing. At Glasgow bus station I went to the loo. A turnstile controlled facility. Well getting in was ok, but on exiting the turnstile did not fully open, I did not see this and I bashed it just above my knee . The world went black. It was an eyeclosing amount of pain. I grasped the walls so didn’t fall and when I opened my eyes a policeman was holding my shoulder. After a few moments I was able to limp away. I think I am going to be ok, but for a moment I was limbo.

This evening we had a nice meal. I stayed on a bit to chat to some other challengers who are staying here. Two from Kentucky and one from near Edinburgh. None greatly entranced by the weather.

9.30 and it’s lights out time. Not a particular early start tomorrow. Aiming to hit the trail at 9.00.

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