TGOC 2022 day 1

Well it didn’t go as planned, but a “success “ anyway. Apologies in advance, not many pictures as a wet iPhone does not like to take commands.

The day started as planned except for the weather. We were signed out and ready to go a 9.00.

As tradition dictates, we dipped our toes in the sea and then it started raining. So a brief pause to don rain pants and we were off.

Our route was designed with about 7 k of road walking to start of. I thought had seen a route that kept off the road but my route vetter did not think it could be done. Well when we got to where it diverged it seemed to be at least occasionally used, and Ron was keen to avoid the road so off we went.

It worked out ok, but of course took longer than using the road would have done. It was also very wet in parts and I soon abandoned any attempts to keep my feet dry.

So after about 2 and a half hours we were momentarily back on the road after passing through swamps, Peter in up to his thighs in one sticky patch, and easier walking through a sheep farm with lots of young lambs being closely watched by their mothers.

Peter cleaning up after almost losing a boot

Then it was up the big hill (-2000ft) All this time the wind had been building and it had been raining on and off.

Leaving to road for the big hill

Well in most places the path up was doubling as a stream down. It was tough going. I was struggling. After a while Ron took my food . That helped a bit but not enough. After taking 2hrs to do 1000ft and getting progressively slower, and colder, I decided to abort. At the time the wind and really got up, and got colder too. The rain was almost sleet!

Looking back down the path. Path straight ahead, torrent to the right

So down I went. One major fall near the bottom. I slipped on some mud and ended up on my back in a deep puddle. No injury except to my pride.

My initial plan was to go hitch a ride back to the hotel were we had started, and get a bus the next day. Then I thought “buggar it” maybe I can still complete the challenge, and decided to walk the road east and then possibly meet up with the others the next day . TGOC control strongly recommend NOT walking this road, sure it was a bit busy but there was always a good verge to hop on to .

A view up the glen I was road walking. Very pretty. Just wish it was in better circumstances

So with the gale at my back off I went up the valley. My target was a lone hotel and I eventually got there about 6.30. A long day. I was planning to camp in the vicinity and eat at the hotel, but I wimped out a took a room instead. Very nice it was too, and here I am.

3 thoughts on “TGOC 2022 day 1”

  1. Reads like you had a difficult day Mike, hope the next ones are easier.
    Are you planning to do any Munroes on your route? I can’t walk without a stick these days, so I like following your blog 🙂


  2. i see where you took a look at pukawaska park a couple years ago.Itook a ten day kayak trip along the park’s coast starting at wawa and ending at the park visitor center at the north western boundary. Do you have an overall map of your Scotland stroll?


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