TGOC 2022 day 2

Woke with a very stiff back and creaky knees. Not good but three Tylenol and some gentle shuffling about got things moving again. Saw no reason to change strategy, so shortly after 9 I was off again heading east down the road and that was most of the rest of the day really.

The wind was at my back so I didn’t see the showers coming, and I guess we had about four during the day.

Glen Shiel is quiet attractive so it was easy on the eyes. The traffic wasn’t too bad, and there was always a verge to get on to in face of on coming traffic. While the verge was often wide euro walk on it was usually very soft/wet, so it was easier to walk on the road, and just step onto the verge when traffic was coming.

Looking back to the Inn

All the while I was monitoring Ron and Peters progress on the other side of the ridge. They started earlier than me, at 7! They also sensibly decided to deviate from the route I had designed, keeping of the tops. I will here how it worked out for them when we met up tomorrow.

View at Elevenses . I have to walk to the end of that loch and beyond

I finally left the road and, as per plan, started heading up into the hills. I had chosen wisely as the gradient was nice and gentle , suitable for my condition. Around 4 I got here and found it was as good for camping as I hoped. Peter and Ron stopped about 3 k back of me.

View from my campsite

iPhone camera lenses managed to get misted up. One is now sort of clear, but it looks like just wide angle pictures for a while.

A nice rainbow to close out the daylight

6 thoughts on “TGOC 2022 day 2”

  1. Beautiful pics, Michael, but sounds rough, although very quiet surroundings, far from the maddening crowds of TO! Hope your bod will feel better.


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