TGOC 2022 Day 4

Another beastly day weather wise, but I got over the pass and down the other side, so a success.

A good nights sleep at the lodge, an ok breakfast and we were off by about 8.30. Not actually raining at the time, but overcast and cool.

A short walk thru town then up into the hills.

We are at the end of Loch Ness

After a short pastoral walk we started into the hills.

Wild garlic

Past a spectacular pink house.

A last look back to Loch Ness
Ron waiting for me
Still a ways to go up

About this time the wind picked up bringing with it the rain. The climb was in two sections, an early slog, then a long traverse then the final rise over the pass. Generally good gradients . Got to the pass about 2.00 pm. Then a long descent, with a few switchbacks into the valley and eventually the Malgrave bothy around 4. Peter got there way in advance and secured us prime floor space. Soon fed and then into our sleeping bags to keep warm. Needless to say we were soon asleep.

Going down at last

The bothy is only 200m from the end of a drivable road. We were shortly joined by folks who had driven up for the weekend. The good news was that they brought coal for the fire so dry clothes in the morning. The bad news was that they were great talkers and kept going to midnight.

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