TGOC 2022 day 5

A long one. 34k according to Strava. Mostly down hill fortunately. And no rain !!!

Ron’s route. Peter and I kept to the tracks and road just south of his path.
Leaving the bothy
Another of General Wade’s bridges

A view down the valley
Start of the post lunch section. Got to get to that far mountain!

Generally easy walking. Pleasant country side, but little wild life. Parted from Ron at Garva bridge , peter and I to keep to the road, ron to the tracks to the north. And that was the last I saw of them till Newtonmore. Peter strode of ahead leaving nag me in his dust. Eventually got to Laggan and it’s coffee shop. Had a good 45 minute break for soup and a sandwiches, then it was on again.

About 5 k from the end I started feeling roughness under my left foot. Eventually stopped and took of shoes and socks. All seemed good stone wise, but it wasn’t. A blister, on the ball of the foot just behind the toes. Not good. Also not good was being attack by little red fire ants as I sat!

A view back up the valley

Eventually made it into Newtonmore were I ran into Ron wandering the wrong way down the high street looking for our hotel. Peter had arrived 2 hours earlier!

Every house and farm has it cloud of daffodils

Beer before shower and dinner.

Very pretty garden on outskirts of Newtonmore

Ron refused to inspect my feet, so I just left them to air overnight, but my hike may be over. I hate walking on blisters.

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