TGOC 2022 day 10

From Red House bothy to Braemar via Mar lodge. Map not quite right as I had stopped and hour and a half earlier than originally planned and I did not do the detour through Tomintoul.

After the horrible night I was up early. The rain has stopped but there was still a fair bit of cold wind.

Into the bothy to cook up some tea and oatmeal then packed up. Only had to chase one item stolen by the wind, so managed quite well really and by 8 I was off down the glen being helped along by said wind.

The Red House bothy

Feet sore but manageable.

Going that way

Eventually got the Marr Lodge were tea, cookies and my resupply package waited. Shoes and socks off to air feet while listening to chat of all the other challengers.

A look back

The resupply package had enough food for 4 full days of back country living. I gave half of it away! I reckoned my new route from Braemar, avoiding hills. the Deeside way to Aberdeen, would give many opportunities for B and Bs and restaurant meals.

The recently renovated Victoria bridge at Mar Lodge

Then shoes back on and the final stage into Braemar. Went quite quickly. Now out of the wind and a nice spring day.

A view back up the Dee valley

Come Braemar treated myself to a nice late lunch. Brought some new socks., then went to a medical clinic to have my feet looked at. Doctors not impressed and prescribed some antibiotics!

Then to hostel where check in had just opened. Shower, laundry, FaceTime Tina, then hobbled out to dinner. Feet for all the care they had received feeling much worse. Unlike earlier in the day I could not make myself walk normally.


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