TGOC 2022 day 7

Well the plan was to walk the 5 k to Kingussie station. If my feet were killing me bail and take the train, otherwise continue on to the bothy in glen Feshie as per original plan.

I had sent a resupply package to the hotel. I found that I did not need about half of it, so repacked it, and after breakfast, but before setting off, I made a quick trip to the post office to mail it back to Colin in Ayr.

Rain was forecast so I started off in full rain gear. As it was forecast to be a bit warmer than the previous few days I shed a mid layer.

I followed the bicycle path that paralleling the main road to Kingussie. I could feel my blistered foot, but it was more of a dull ache than anything, so come the train station I continued on.

Aiming for the glen before those cloud covered hills

The walk had three sections. First through backroads along the broad Spey valley .

Ruthven barracks

Then cutting across a mixture of moorland and forestry plantations to the Glen Fleshie. Wind roaring and gentle rain

Lower Glen Feshie

The up the glen to the bothy very windy out of the trees. The conservation efforts are baring fruit. Many small tress appearing, complimenting some magnificent older specimens. finally arriving about 3.45. A superb bothy, presided over by Lindsey who I guess must be a local legend. It was packed, with kids. On a school outing, but sheltering from the nasty wind and rain. Fortunately they are all camping.

I made my claim to what I hoped would be valuable real estate in one of the down stairs rooms.

Lindsey entertaining

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