TGOC 2022 day 8

A leisurely start, on the trail about 8.45. Still one of the early ones away. A cold but dry morning after the rain last night. Glen Feshie continued to impress.

Double ford crossing instead of scramble, then dry socks.

One of several fords

Deliberate crossing instead to 1 k detour to bridge

The upper reaches of the glen went on and on. The crossing sad as last time I will pass this way

Wide open country
The Red House bothy, under renovation

Finished 5.15. Put up tent. Early supper then bed by 7.00. Breezy so tent flapping a good deal. Then the wind really Ickes up and the rain started. I t got pretty separate but the tent held and kept dry but was it ever noisy. Needed to hold one of my poles in place to stop it shaking loose. Continued real bad til midnight. Les than usual sleep that night

My tent and two others in the morning

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