TGOC 2022 finale. Not for the squeamish

A glorious day not to go hiking. I was still hobbling in the morning so I called it quits. My left foot was quiet happy with the decision, the rest had a bit of a problem with it but hay, one for all and all for one foot.

Author and Said foot awaiting more bandaids.

The other is much better looking!

Decision not really made until packed up and walking into town for breakfast. Could not raise the enthusiasm. So a last breakfast with many of the people I had been travelling with the last few days or longer. Interestingly most had planned an easier/ shorter day and were noticeably slower getting going.

I managed to sell off my most of my now surplus food and gas supplies which was good. So goodbyes and then it was off on the 10.30 bus to Aberdeen. Then a quick connection to the train to Glasgow.

I tried to advance my car hire arrangements but the company could not accommodate me, so I booked with another and will cancel the former.

Drove gingerly down to my friends place in Ayr where I am now writing this.

The other two you ask. Well Peter I believe finished today, four days ahead of the schedule I made, though he did cut a couple of corners. Still he is fast.

Ron is still on the route I planned, just a day ahead of the original schedule having skipped the rest day but he has not cut any corners. He bagged a Monroe today, and had the best days weather of the crossing to do so. Lucky dog, jealous I am.

So an interesting time has been had. Some great scenery and company, some lousy weather which makes it all the more memorable I guess. Pity I am unlikely to come this way again.

The sort of scenery I come for and walk through

4 thoughts on “TGOC 2022 finale. Not for the squeamish”

  1. Oh my, Mike. – that foot looks nasty. Too bad that happened and you had to cut things short.
    Hope it will heal quickly and you’ll be able to walk more comfortably, and hopefully join us again on the Bruce.
    Take care!


  2. Thats sad for you. What a pity.
    I did the NW500 tour on my motorcycle many years ago so know how spectacular the Highland scenery is.

    Say Hi to Tina from me.


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