May 22nd. North Water Bridge to St. Cyrus

Woke to a cool but brilliantly sunny morning with a heavy dew. However there were heavy clouds to the north west. I quick check of the weather radar confirmed they were heading my way, so a quick breakfast, a fast pack up and left in full rain gear just as the first drops began to fall. It didn’t last long, but short showers reappeared at intervals.

It was a morning of walking back roads and lanes thru the rich agricultural lands in these parts. Rape seems a popular crop this year and certainly adds a splash of colour to the landscape.

A few nice houses along the way

Gates to a farm!

First view of the sea

In St. Cyrus I stopped for a read and cake , first there. Eventually any challenger came in, she had already been to the sea a dipped her toes in. So of I set again, in a good shower, to complete the challenge.

At the cliff tops I discovered that most had bypassed the cafe and gone straight to the beach.

So I joined them

It’s done. Now I just have to get up the cliff again.

At least when I got to the top I found all the benches I had been missing along the way.

Then it was back to the cafe, now packed with challenges to wait for Colin and Shiela who were driving across from Ayr to meet me.

Duely met we drove a few miles to Montrose, I signed in, got my certificate, tee shirt, and a pair of socks! Signed up for the celebration dinner tomorrow and left with Colin and Shiela to explore the town, find our B&Bs and have diner. Tomorrow we are going to drive up to Aberdeen which they have never seen. (It’s been about 60 year for me). I also now have directions to my grandparents old house so we hope to find that also.

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