13th. October. To Bodrum by land and sea.

Just about walked out  and time to start winding my way home. So today I made my way to Bodrum where I will act the tourist for a couple of days before making my way back by degrees to Dalaman  for my flight back to the UK.

The day started ominously with a pre dawn shower, actually just a warning to bring in the laundry off the drying line, and then an hour later, a heaven opening downpour. The third rain this year, and the first since the end of winter I was told. It cleared the air and brought out new scents from the countryside.

After breakfast and paying my bill I said my goodbyes and started the 2 hr walk back to Datca along part of the Carian way. I was shown the way by my hosts dog who kept with me for the first 45mins. It was only after I messaged back asking for advice that he decided to abandon me. 

View back over village where dog abandoned me

The trail ended up in old Datca, a nice old village of flower bestrewen stone walled houses, boutique shops and restaurants and cafes.

 I stopped for a while and had an icecream before walking on to modern Datca.

I was told I wouldn’t like Datca, but I do. It is a real town, not designed for European tourists but for its residents and Turkish holiday makers. Iris end of season here but nonetheless it has an energy and bustle. 

View from my lunch spot

After ascertaining where the shuttle to the ferry departs from I had a light lunch, and an icecream the went in search of a nice view to sketch and so pass the hour until the shuttle left. I was unsuccessful so instead sat a wrote this to this point.

7.00pm Bodrum. The trip here worked a dream. The shuttle bus arrived on time, the boat left on time. It was warm enough to sit on the upper deck despite a 20 knot breeze across the deck. The crossing took just under 2 hrs. Nice views to windward towards the Greek islands, hazy looking east up the Gulf.

Bodrum harbour is packed and the town is buzzing. 

It does not feel like end of season here. A bit of a shock after a week in the quiet of the Datca peninsula.

I found my hotel easily, helped by a big sign on the side of it visable from a ways off. 

I have paid extra for a sea view room and got immediately rewarded with a gorgeous sunset as soon as I entered it. 

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