Day 3 Banyalbufar to Valldemossa

24.7 k ( days total),  3540 ft vertical

A two part day, a couple of hours to Esperles where I met Tina for 11ises, then another 4 hours to Valldemossa.

The first part started with another hour long climb, but on roads or tracks so the going was good. Then a long unremarkable traversing descent into Esporles. More people on the trail today, probably because I started at a more reasonable time. A German couple, 4 German ladies, and another couple, probably German.  Still a fairly light flux all things considered.

Esporles was overrun with cyclists but we managed to find a table at one of the many cafes. After a iced tea and chocolate cake I was off again. Another even longer up hill and the into what was advertised as a badly marked section but in fact turned out to be ok with little resort to the gps needed. Despite being high there were very few viewing points due to the nasty low shrubby and straggly trees. The viewpoints when they came were usually from the edges of precipitatous cliffs.

Thru this section I was trailing one of the German couples, which made route finding a more relaxing experience. After a long final ascent came a steep descent into Valldemossa and a sudden tourist overload. Tina was not there to met me as we had arranged to met at our hotel. Unfortunately this was a good k out of town. At least it was down hill, though even that I did not really appreciate at the time.

The hotel, booked the day before, is in an old converted farm, and they have done a wonderful job of it. After shower and launder we drove back into town for an apperitive and dinner. All very civilized.

Ok so pictures of the day.

Flowers and cacti above the trail

A nice shady trail

A nice view along the coast

Probably not his principal residence

A charcoal makers furnace

After lunch scrubby trees

Suddenly a view point

45 minutes later looking back to the previous view point on top of those cliffs

Another viewpoint over the sea

And looking in the other direction!

Finally a look down to the days destination, now just to get down there

That’s it.


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