Day 8 Lluc to Pollenca

19k, 1000ft ascent, 2500 ft descent, 4hrs 40 mins

After a last breakfast with our new found friends, and loading up the car, I set off on the final leg of the trail at around 9.15a.

A gentle up hill with an final look back at the sanctuary we had stayed at.

With the hill I had come down yesterday at the very top left. The walk continued up through trees for an hour and over two colls. I had to stop and deal with an emerging blister and change socks.

And finally a view down to the sea ahead.

And again from lower down.

It was a long but generally easy descent then an hour or so paralleling the main road.

Passed a magnificent field of poppies and into town were I met Tina as per schedule.

After an ice cream to celebrate we drove on to Port de Pollanca and our hotel. After checking in we swam and relaxed enjoying the view.

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